Saïdo Lehlouh (aka “Darwin”) has been part of the hip-hop community since he was 15.


Saïdo Lehlouh (aka “Darwin”) has been part of the hip-hop community since he was 15. In 2001, together with other dancers, he founded Bad Trip Crew, which is a vibrant player on the underground hip-hop scene and in the battle field. In 2007, he took part in new dance pieces alongside German dancer Storm and Norma Claire, and more recently with Sébastien Ramirez.

Wild Cat (2018), Lehlouh’s first choreographic undertaking, showcases a style of distinctive fluidity and feline finesse. The piece – at once a tribute, a duty of memory, and a reappropriation of a style that marked the Paris scene in the ‘90s – explores a form of b-boying envied by American dancers, and which calls precisely and delicately to mind the way cats move.

The dancer and choreographer derives this gestural sincerity from his stint as a breaker in Bad Trip Crew, which was equally focused on explosive performance in the circle as on introspection and the pull of gravity. Via a relationship with the floor which he tames through touch, “Darwin” conducts ongoing research into a bodily vocabulary that always matches the moment.

With his associate Johanna Faye, the other half of Black Sheep, Saïdo Lehlouh has visited and explored – in Iskio, then Fact and now their upcoming creation Earthbound – the possibilities of speaking out through a danced dialogue. A seasoned exponent of street performance, the choreographer is offering with Apaches an alternative sequel to his first-ever piece. Saïdo Lehlouh plucks the cord of authenticity that improvisation allows, in a stage proposition with a changing cast, and adapting perpetually to the performance setting.