Serge Aimé Coulibaly is a dancer-choreographer from Burkina Faso who has travelled around Europe and the entire world. He takes inspiration for his art from African culture but his powerful expressiveness makes his work universal and understandable across all continents. Since creating his company in 2001, Coulibaly has explored complex themes, seeking to give positive momentum to the young generations. From the early days of his career, he was invited to present and perform his creations around Europe and Africa: Minimini (2002), A Benguer (2006), Solitude d’un Homme Intègre (2007), Babemba (2008), Khokuma 7° Sud (2011), Fadjiri (2013), Nuit Blanche à Ouagadougou (2014), Kalakuta Republik (2016), Kirina (2018).

His broad perspective on the world in all its diversity and his constructive inquisitiveness motivate him to work with all kinds of artists. He participates regularly in international creations both as a choreographer and dancer. He has worked with people such as Farid Berki in France, Moïse Touré in Ivory Coast, Marrukegu Company in Australia, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Alain Platel in Belgium. He also creates works for amateur dancers because he thrives on devoting himself to others. This desire to communicate on an artistic level reflects his training in Burkina Faso with the company Feeren, directed by Amadou Bourou, and his time at the National Choreography Centre in Nantes, directed by Claude Brumachon. His personal artistic vision and commitment feeds his drive to experiment, which is why he decided to establish his own space, Ankata, in his birthplace. He sees the space as an international laboratory for research and production in the performing arts. Ankata is open to all and has become a gathering place for artists from all continents and disciplines who are eager to come together and invent a new future.