Born 1985 in Chicago, USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

The figurative paintings of Christina Quarles explore the multiple facets of identity. Her figures are turned in on themselves, contorted and apparently examining their own deformed, fractured bodies. The limbs and torsos multiply to the point where they merge with lines and spots of vivid colours. The fluidity of her singular beings defies classification and definition. In her pictures, the artist prefers contradiction and confusion to clarity and legibility, and even describes herself as a “champion of ambiguity”; they reflect the impossibility of perceiving oneself’s full complexity, and the fragmentation of identity in a constantly evolving society.

I Just Missed Yew, 2019
Lay Yer Burden Down, 2020
I Think Yew’ve Made Yer Point Now, 2020
Missing What’s Missing,
Flowers for a Friend, 2017
We Gunna Spite Our Noses Right Offa Our Faces, 2017
Edge of Tomorrow, 2020