Born 1977 in Vancouver, Canada.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Concerned with matters at the intersection of philosophy, science, culture, and technology, the visual art of Jeremy Shaw explores altered states of consciousness. Commissioned for the Lyon Biennale and installed in a disused office at the Fagor Factory, Maximum Horizon is a work of stained glass produced by qualified craftsmen in the tradition of large-format church decoration. The pieces of lead and coloured glass replicate a green digital landscape, similar to those of primitive 1980s computer animations. Jeremy Shaw elicits a confusion between the method of creating the stained glass, which calls to mind spiritual representations, and its profane imagery, which is more the stuff of science fiction, a genre often used to illustrate the idea of infinity. Distancing himself from the religious origins of stained glass, the artist imagines alternative belief systems suited to modern technology.

Also on view in The many lives and deaths of Louise Brunet at macLYON.