Born 1976 in Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Through the mise-en-scène of moving objects and images, Pedro Gómez-Egaña invites us to rethink everyday spaces and experiences of our technologically infused lives through mostly analogue, mobile stagings, that focus on the atmosphere and uncanniness of domestic life. The hybrid installation Virgo, which takes its name from the zodiac constellation and from the Parthenon (the Greek monument whose name literally means “maidens’ residence”), centres on the home as a virtualised space by reproducing an architecture that deploys multiple optical illusions. This artwork – fusing performance and visual arts – is activated by performers who manipulate it as a mechanical device to transform the house into a dynamic, constantly evolving space. A site that is both familiar and absurd, Virgo is a vehicle for reflecting on the fact that everything that seems solid and durable actually turns out to be suspended in a state of constant fragility.

Performers regularly come to activate this artwork at the Fagor Factory : Chantal BARIOZ, Claire CAMUS, Yves CHIARA, Marie DARPHIN, Jocelyne LEAULT, Marie-Agnès MARGUIN, Elsa PASSAVY, Niger PEREIRA, Joelle PIJOLAT, Hizia RAMLI, Christiane REYMOND, Céline SALVAIRE MOUYSSET, Sylvie SAMY