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  • Place du Lac


  • Centre Westfield la Part-Dieu




Part-Dieu district moves to the Biennale’s tempo!

SPL Lyon Part-Dieu, the local public development company, and Westfield La Part-Dieu, invite you to dance in the heart of this district, where a major urban transformation is in progress. Come and dance outdoors on Place du Lac or in the heart of the shopping centre on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 14 to 30 September. Bouncing off the Défilé, this event is a fantastic chance to dance with the artists of this great community event! Grab this unique opportunity to watch or rewatch extracts from the parade and learn the routines of some of the groups in the 2023 edition on the theme Art and Sport. This attraction is open to all, so come and enjoy it with friends, family, colleagues or solo… step onto the floor and let the Défilé choreographers guide you!

Cie Kadia Faraux
Group from Lyon 3e-7e & Vaulx-en-Velin
Défilé excerpt: Erawan
Erawan is a gentle yet rebellious and combative brand of hybrid dance inspired by Thai martial art – Thai boxing and Muay-Thai – plus hip hop.
→ About the class: come and explore the common denominator between hip hop dance stances and the body positioning of Thai boxing. Discover a new style of choreography that blends house, hip hop and Thai boxing, to original music composed by Franck2Louise.
Dates : Thu 14 sept at Place du Lac, Sat 30 sept at Centre Westfield La Part-Dieu

Cie de Fakto
Group from Feyzin & Saint-Fons
Défilé excerpt: Top Deep’Art !
Are you ready for Top Deep’Art?! Fully experience the thrill of stretching your limits. Let’s form a collective body to hit the finish line, which has no limits. Let’s dance the art of sport!
→ About the class: hip hop dance has always drawn inspiration from various sports – from capoeira to boxing to wrestling to martial arts. You will vary, subvert, bypass and shape movements to create an alphabet derived from boxing, tennis and swimming, and many other sports besides…
Dates : Fri 15 sept at Centre Westfield La Part-Dieu, Thu 28 sept at Place du Lac

Cie Stylistik
Group from Oullins, Pierre-Bénite & La Mulatière
Défilé excerpt: Kaay Fecc !
Kaay Fecc, which means “Come and dance!” in Wolof, is an adventure where sport and dance fuse symbiotically. A project combining sporting gestures and values with the art of danced movement. On your marks, get set… dance!
→ About the class: come and discover a new kind of sport dance that flows from mixing hip hop, contemporary and African dance. It’s physical, expressive, committed and sensitive.
Dates : Sat 16 sept at Centre Westfield La Part-Dieu and Place du Lac

Cie L’Ogresse
Group from Faverges-Seythenex
Défilé excerpt: Hoops we Roll
In Hoops we Roll, roller-dancers and other dancers move and synchronise perfectly around a backbone of hula-hooping dancers. In this excerpt, a roller dancer and a hula hooper have decided to help you relive their experience...
→ About the class: learn the basics of hula-hooping to become proficient in spinning a hoop round your waist, plus a few floor movements. A fun, accessible class for everyone, which subtly combines sport and creativity. The hula hoop? An enjoyable calorie-burner!
Dates : Fri 29 sept at Centre Westfield La Part-Dieu