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Danza Permanente is the literal transcription of a Beethoven composition into a danced score of extreme precision.

In how dance is received, how does one elicit the state of mind and emotion that is so specific to how music is received? In 1825, Beethoven, who had already gone deaf, completed his String Quartet op. 132 in A Minor, a sublime composition and, to many, one of the highest achievements in Western music. Danza Permanente, which won the Prix du Jury for group piece at PODIUM 2019, is a transposition into dance, note by note, of the musical score of this famous quartet. Each of the four dancers takes charge of one string part, becoming both instrument and performer, and offering to the gaze a sparkling and complex composition full of humour and sensibility, danced in near-silence.




Piece for 4 dancers
Based on the work by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Quatuor à cordes Op. 132 en la mineur, "Heiliger Dankgesang" | Choreography and concept DD Dorvillier |Acoustic environment, musical direction Zeena Parkins | Distribution Liza Baliasnaja, Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Sébastien Chatellier, Walter Dundervill | Created in 2012 with the performers Fabian Barba, Nuno Bizarro, Walter Dundervill, Naiara Mendioroz,and with the external view of Heather Kravas with the recorded voices of Heike Liss, Jonathan Bepler and Carla Kihlstedt | Lighting Thomas Dunn | Costumes recovery 2019 DD Dorvillier | Technical direction Nicolas Barrot | Production Laura Aknin