Become a skills-based or in-kind giver

  • Become a skills-based / in-kind partner or co-producer by supporting a project, a creative work or an artist as part of La Biennale de Lyon's events: the Dance Biennale and the Contemporary Art Biennale.
  • Seize a unique opportunity to highlight the diversity and/or excellence of your activities.
  • Showcase your know-how and skills by applying them to a production, fit-out or event at the Biennale.
  • Associate yourself with a high-quality, must-see event of popular appeal in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Become a fully-fledged stakeholder in your region's cultural and economic development.
  • Live the Biennale experience and share it with your employees, partners and clients.

Tax relief

Your philanthropic support is tax-deductible by 60% of the value of your gift (in kind, know-how, skills).


Catherine Thiébeauld

Les partenaires de la Biennale d'art contemporain

Les partenaires de la Biennale de la danse