Isabelle Bertolotti


An art historian, trained at the University of Lyon 2 and at the École du Louvre, with a specialisation in museology and contemporary art, Isabelle Bertolotti is today co-director of La Biennale de Lyon and director of Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art (macLYON). Previously head of exhibitions at macLyon since 1995, she had been co-founder and artistic co-director since 2002 of Rendez-vous, an event dedicated to the emerging French and international scene at the Lyon Biennale. Since 2008, Rendez-vous has been exported to stages outside Europe: Shanghai in 2008 and 2010, Cape Town in 2012, Singapore in 2015, Beijing in 2017 and Havana in 2018. Isabelle Bertolotti is also an freelance curator specialising in the emerging international scene and is chair of WARDA, the association of higher art and design schools in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which manages 40 artists' studios and supports around 100 artists in exhibition and publishing projects. In January 2020, Isabelle Bertolotti became co-director of La Biennale de Lyon alongside Dominique Hervieu.

Dominique Hervieu


After gymnastics and classical dance, Dominique Hervieu trained in contemporary dance. Her meeting with José Montalvo yielded Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu in 1988; in just a few years, it became one of the most popular and recognised contemporary companies in France and beyond. Together they headed the National Choreography Centre (CCN) of Créteil from 1998 to 2008. In 2008, Dominique Hervieu became chief executive of the Théâtre National de Chaillot after eight years as artistic adviser. In July 2011 she took over as Maison de la Danse director and Dance Biennale artistic director, driving fresh initiatives and developing and promoting dance in Lyon and beyond. Her programming, at once demanding and inclusive, avoids any aesthetic exclusion and attracts all audiences. In 2018, she was artistic director of the Yokohama Triennale. As a dancer and choreographer, Dominique Hervieu has received many awards and other distinctions. In 2020 she was promoted to the rank of Officer in France's National Order of the Legion of Honour. In January 2020, Dominique Hervieu was appointed co-director of La Biennale de Lyon alongside Isabelle Bertolotti.

Yves Robert


Yves Robert is appointed executive director of La Biennale de Lyon. Yves Robert was part of the first intake, in 1986, to study for the degree in curatorial practices at Le Magasin – Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble. From 1989-1992, he was Administration and Finance Manager at the Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble. Then in 1993, he served as Secretary General of the Nouveau Musée / Institut d'Art Contemporain de Villeurbanne. From 1994-1999, he headed the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Valence, followed by its counterpart in Lyon until March 2011. In parallel, the City of Lyon appointed him Director of the city’s École d'Arts Appliqués in 2003. From 2004-2007, he was also Artistic Director of the Château des Adhémar in Montélimar. From March 2011 to February 2012, he headed the Villa Arson -- Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Centre d’Art Contemporain in Nice. From February 2012 to February 2014, he directed ISDAT (Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse, formed by the merger of the École Supérieure d’Art and of the CESMD, Centre d’Etudes Supérieures Musique et Danse de Toulouse, within a new EPCC, or “public establishment for cultural cooperation”). From September 2014 to September 2019, Yves Robert was Director of the CNAP in Paris. Yves Robert holds the rank of Officier in France’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. In January 2020, he was appointed Executive Director of La Biennale de Lyon.