MGEN is proud to support the Dance Biennale. Culture must be alive; education must give access to it; and Art must be a gateway to paths that open your mind and nurture self- expression and sharing. This is why MGEN is involved in promoting Art and Culture, because we think that arts and culture is a core subject for educating the citizens of the future. It helps in acquiring a general culture through frequenting artworks and practising an artistic discipline. And it helps in developing a critical mind. Culture is more than useful; it is necessary for emancipating men and women and for building citizenship. Also, as a responsible and committed health insurer, we strive to foster culture and artistic creation, and to make them accessible. MGEN’s private insurance activists and employees in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are proud to sponsor the Dance Biennale; a project that also has strong region-wide roots. As social enterprise, we share with the charitable body behind the Biennale the values of solidarity, a non-profit model, closeness to our customers, and humanism. Art and Culture must be alive, because they usher forth a version of humankind that is more dignified, more respectful, more sustainable and more responsible. MGEN has these aspirations also. We provide solidarity-driven social cover and we work in favour of citizenship, secularity, solidarity and the fight against all forms of discrimination. Our complementary mutual health insurance company, now more than 70 years old, stated in its founding by-laws that it would “promote the cultural, moral, intellectual and physical development of its members and the improvement of their living conditions”. This dynamic is part of our efforts to enhance quality of life, and its purpose is progressive and creative – so that our lives in society are imbued with meaning, togetherness and inspiration. MGEN is proud to support the Dance Biennale.