A must-see event


In keeping with Lyon's humanist tradition, the Dance Biennale Défilé has since 1996 been a focal point for people to unite in a sharing, community-minded atmosphere, and to celebrate amateur practices in their most noble aspect: artistic quality serving social inclusion. Some 4,000 amateur participants aged 10 to 80, from nearly 600 municipalities across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, have been preparing for several months to create their parade.
For this exceptional edition, in close conjunction with the Africa2020 Season, we asked each of the 12 teams to host one or more African artists in local residence, and build collaborations. The participants were thus able to experiment with cultural dialogue in tangible terms, to invent a festival of blended imaginative realms. Around 30 creators from 10 African countries – from the visual and circus arts, music, song, dance and fashion – have jointly devised the Africa2020 Défilé with artists from the region!

Two emblematic honorary patrons

The parade's 250,000 spectators will have the great pleasure of being joined by two emblematic honorary patrons: Fatoumata Diawara, the celebrated Malian singer, and Germaine Acogny, the "mother" of contemporary African dance.

"I am honoured and touched to be the honorary patron of the Dance Biennale Défilé, as part of the Africa2020 Season dedicated to Africa and youth. All my thoughts go to those who welcomed me when I took my first steps in France, and to those who continue to support me in this magnificent city of Lyon. It's the America of dance, where all dreams of success are permitted. I say to you: Dare, Dream, Sing and Dance. Dance is a peaceful weapon able to break down barriers imposed by religion, language and territory. Thank you and bravo for continuing to sustain the tradition of a Dance Biennale and Défilé without borders, focused on the future and peace."
Germaine Acogny-Vogt

"This year, 250 regional artists will share their art with leading African artists, choreographers, designers and musicians… I am honoured to be part of an adventure with such tremendous cultural and social reach, which celebrates open-mindedness, inter-cultural dialogue and, of course, life through dance – which is the best way to elevate our mind! One music, one world. PEACE."
Fatoumata Diawara