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A spiritual journey inspired by philosophy and Sufi music, giving rise to a poetic trance performed by the Franco-Syrian group and circus artist Sylvain Julien.

With this tradition-transcending “whirled” concert, Bab Assalam teams up with the artist and object handler to reinvent the dervish myth. Together, musicians and circus performer set aside their obsession with circles, and their movements merge with the music. To accelerated Aleppo rhythms, reminiscent of heartbeats, the artist makes the world rotates like he juggles with his hoops. Joining East and West, the musical trio go on a superb safari around the frontiers of world music and live electro, to the sound of their mellow voices, bass clarinet, ouds and percussion. A hypnotic spectacle!




In Rhone-Alpes region



Piece for 4 dancers Dance & hoops Sylvain Julien | Music Trio Bab Assalam : Khaled Aljaramani - oud, singing / Mohanad Aljaramani - percussions, oud, singing / Raphaël Vuillard - clarinettes, electronic live | Artistic and technical collaborator Emmanuel Sauldubois | External gazes Jean Lacornerie & Heinzi Lorenzen | Dance gaze Annette Labry | Lighting Dominique Ryo | Costumes Céline Pigeot

Coproduction L’autre côté du Monde Prod. & Théâtre de la Croix Rousse (Lyon) | Support DRAC, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, City of Lyon, SPEDIDAM and ADAMI | Partners Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), Auditorium de Montélimar, La Cascade-Pôle Cirque, Espace Tonkin (Villeurbanne)