Staged in Bleu, scenographic artwork at Les SUBS

  • 28, 29 sept. – 12,13 oct. 2023

    Lyon, Region

    Five dancers in a line exhaust themselves by mechanically repeating four simple yet gruelling movements. When the machine goes into overdrive, will cracks begin to appear ?


    A show for three levitating bodies, Dehors est blanc causes us to gradually lose our bearings. By disorientating our perceptual habits, Tumbleweed reminds us that our relationship with the world is fragile indeed.

    • Clubbing

    Radio béguin

    Usines Fagor

    radio béguin gives a voice to those rarely heard: youth, the underground and gender minorities.

  • Le Toboggan, Décines

    The fire crackles, cracks, glows and shimmers without stopping. Maybe it even dances? Fouad Boussouf grasps this element and crafts it into an incandescent piece of choreography. A circle without beginning or end.

  • 29, 30 sept. – 3, 4, 12, 13 oct. 2023

    Lyon, Region

    Translated as “enchanted” in the Afro-Brazilian tradition, Encantado also refers to mystical, nature-protecting entities. Lia Rodrigues calls upon these magical forces in a bewitching and many-coloured ballet.

  • 30 sept. – 03, 06, 10, 15, 18, 21 oct. 2023

    , Lyon, Metropolitan area, Region

    An iconic piece in Phia Ménard’s repertoire, L’après-midi d’un foehn Version 1 depicts an aerial ballet of coloured plastic creatures. But its initial grace gradually segues into anxiety.

  • Usines Fagor

    From the world of hip hop and its influence, the choreographers Bouside Ait Atmane, Iffra Dia, Linda Hayford and Saïdo Lehlouh, united under the aegis of the FAIR-E collective, respond to the invitation of the Biennale de la danse to offer a genuine and original choreographic immersion in the Usines Fagor.

  • Region

    In a series of tableaux vivants, Silvia Gribaudi and her three dancers subvert the norms of beauty and their authority with a piquant sense of mischief. An ode to bodies’ imperfections and freedom.

  • Usines Fagor

    Soirée club avec Aho Ssan, Djasra Leggo X BlckMerliin et Luky Dra.

  • Le Vellein, scènes de la CAPI

    Whether mirroring or merging to form a new hybrid being, Alexander Vantournhout and Axel Guérin humorously and tenderly explore all the possibilities that flow from the meeting of their bodies and differences.

  • LUX Scène nationale

    Nach continues to tell her story in the sequel to her danced lecture Nulle part est un endroit. For the choreographer, who for a long time felt hitched to krump, speaking is a necessity, and eloquence is never the end goal.

  • Salle Meggiolaro de Saint-Loup

    YËS celebrates Yanice and Sébastien, two young dancers and beatboxers. This virtuoso duo blends hip hop and acting into an ode to the performer figure, and to tight-knit friendship and singularities.

  • Programme - 20th Biennale de la danse
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