Sidonie Duret, Jeremy Martinez, Emilie Szikora


2009: We met at the Lyon CNSMD, where we danced in various new and repertory works. We also experienced creating our own pieces in partnership with musicians, architects and visual artists.
2011: For the first time, we experimented with jointly creating and performing a piece, which resulted in P’Lay’s, for three performers and a crisp-eater. The ÈS collective was born.
2014: We decided to delve more deeply into the idea we touched on in that first piece – being writer-performers. We created Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie, a piece for three performers, which won the Prix du Public at the 6th Concours Reconnaissance.
2016: We created Overgame for Album Cie. That year, we also created a dance-night show, I wanna dance with somebody, which was the first episode of La Série Populaire.
2017: Our first collaboration with new performers, to create Jean-Yves, Patrick et Corinne, a trio for five dancers.
2018: We did an 18-month creative residency at the Lyon CNSMD. This primarily enabled us to develop the project La Série Populaire, and we created Karaodance (episode 2 in the series). We also wrote J’peux pas j’ai bal !, a dance-night project devised and created by children for adults.
2018-19: We were companion artists at the Lux Scène Nationale venue in Valence.
2019: We created 1ère MONDIALE for Le MOI de la danse, a festival held at Les SUBS in Lyon. The Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand theatre commissioned us to create Zéro quatre sept trois deux neuf zéro huit un quatre.
2019: We became associate artists at La Rampe in Echirolles for a three-year term.
2020: We created the third episode of La Série Populaire: Loto3000.

Sidonie Duret
She began dance training in the town of Orange, then entered the conservatoire in Toulouse, before enrolling at the Lyon CNSMD in 2009. She worked in 2014 with stage director Konrad Kaniuk on his Essais, then with Maud Blandel (of Swiss company ILKA) on the creation of Touch Down (2015). For several years she also took part in the work of David Zambrano (Flying Low, Passing Through and Improvisation). In parallel to the collective creative processes she has explored with the ÈS collective, Sidonie was invited in 2017 to help create 10 000 Gestes by Boris Charmatz, then La Ruée (2019) and Tempête (2021) by the same choreographer. She collaborated in 2018 with Olivia Grandville on a reprise of A l’Ouest (2018). In 2020, she guested in the maiden production of Tatiana Julien’s AFTER.

Jeremy Martinez
Originally from Grenoble, he first trained with Christelle Bouyoud, then with the city’s Album Cie before entering the Lyon CNSMD in 2009. After which, he danced with Compagnie Arcosm in their new work Bounce ! In 2015 he joined the Yuval Pick-led CCN in Rillieux-le-Pape on a full-time basis. During his two years with the company, he took part in new works Apnée, Eddies and Are Friends Electric ? as well as reprising Playbach and Ply. In 2017 he joined Sylvain Groud’s project Music for 18 musicians and continued touring as a freelance with Yuval Pick’s Are Friends Electric ?. In 2018 he was invited to take part in Sylvain Groud’s new piece Let’s Move at CCN Ballet du Nord in Roubaix, and also reprised the dance event Come Alive. In 2020, he guested in the creation of Alban Richard’s new piece 3 works for 12 at the CCN in Caen, Normandy.

Emilie Szikora
She began her training at the conservatoire in Rouen, then entered the Lyon CNSMD in 2009. In 2013 she performed in the lecture-performance Ote donc le serpent que tu as dans ta culotte by Maud Blandel, with whom she then developed a preliminary version of Touch Down (Cie ILKA – Switzerland). Since 2014, Emilie has also danced for Guilherme Botelho (Cie Alias – Switzerland) in his creations Antes and Sideways Rain. In 2016, Yuval Pick commissioned her to create Dites-Rillieux, a piece for 19 amateur dancers at the CCN in Rillieux-la-Pape. She also joined Cie Scalène to dance the new work Attractions Contemporaines. In 2017, she took part in the first-ever Création en Cours scheme run by Ateliers Médicis. In 2018, she again collaborated with Yuval Pick, assisting him with his new piece Flowers Crack Concrete, which brought together the young French and Israeli-Palestinian dancers of the Passerelles project. She joined the KompleX KapharnaüM team to create Les Immobiles, and Cie Contrepoint to create Flux. Since 2012, she has been doing the martial arts aikido and aiki shin taiso, and is training in order to teach them.