After graduating in 2003 from the national music and dance conservatoire (CNSMD) in Paris, François Chaignaud danced for numerous choreographers (Alain Buffard, Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh and Gilles Jobin). Since creating his first piece in 2004, he has dreamt of incorporating dance into a holistic form of expression; his work is influenced by the link between singing and dancing (Dumy Moyi, 2013) but also by a deep connection with history, in his creations and also his collaborations (with Jérôme Marin and Théo Mercier, among others). Between 2005 and 2016, he and Cecilia Bengolea created several notable pieces that toured worldwide. In 2021 he set up Mandorle Productions, affirming an artistic approach based on cooperation with many artists, including Nino Laisné, Marie-Pierre Brébant, Akaji Maro, Dominique Brun and Sasha J. Blondeau. He has also created pieces for large groups of performers: Soufflette (2018) for Carte Blanche and t u m u l u s with Geoffroy Jourdain (Les Cris de Paris) in 2022. In 2023 he will premiere Mirlitons with beatboxer Aymeric Hainaux. He is an associate artist at Bonlieu Scène Nationale d’Annecy, at Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse and at the Maison de la danse de Lyon.