• 8, 19, 20 sept. 2023

    Metropolitan area, Region

    Inspired by fantastical images and archaic rituals, Silver Rosa conjures the visceral need for individuals to build bonds. Yuval Pick wants to set us in motion and touch our heart. The place where our endless desires pulsate.

  • Usines Fagor

    What would a Biennale de la danse be without some memorable dance parties?

    The Club Bingo opens on Saturday 09 September at the Usines Fagor (Lyon 7e) and has a fiery programme in store for you on its opening day

  • Opéra de Lyon

    The shifting entity of 20 Opéra de Lyon dancers instils its relational and proliferative modes in the mycelium, the underground part of a fungus that extends its filaments so that information can circulate.

    • Évènement

    The Défilé

    A truly unmissable event in Lyon, the Défilé of the Biennale de la danse will take place on 10 September, kicking off the three-week festival.

  • Maison de la Danse

    Amid a maze of stairways, 22 dancers seek possible paths, leading one another towards the depths or the heights. This collective adventure asks a question: what can we do when everything collapses?

  • Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse

    With gurning face and high-voltage hips, Marlene Monteiro Freitas electrified the stage in Guintche. Now she is reviving this eye-catching solo from 2010, augmented with live music by two virtuoso drummers.


    Staged in Bleu, scenographic artwork at Les SUBS


    Nurtured by hip hop and club cultures, Tom Grand Mourcel has imagined a self-portrait in dance. In Solus Break, surrounded by a wall of speakers and up close to his audience, he takes a trip through the music genres that have made him who he is.


    Filled with nostalgia for an era she never knew, Katerina Andreou pays tribute here to the golden age of rave culture in the ‘90s. An impulsive and percussive burst of movement, in which the artist performs a duet with a tuned car in a secret location.

  • Metropolitan area, Region

    Gliding between the notes of Purcell and Marc Mellits, 10 jugglers and four musicians craft a little utopia, where the collective is founded on its members’ differences and singularities.

  • How do you rescue a dance from extinction? Set to a techno beat, Save the last dance for me breathes fresh life into the polka chinata, which originated in Italy in the early 20th century and had nearly sunk into oblivion.

  • , Lyon

    Two young urban dancers’ virtuoso talent responds to the intensity of a Schubert piano duet in this fantasia by Marco da Silva Ferreira, a self-taught choreographer with a club background who is a master of genre mash-ups.

  • Usines Fagor

    An all-round drag queen, Patricia Chaudepisse lights up Lyon's nights with her inimitable glamour and humour, and presents an extraordinary evening at the Usines Fagor.

  • 15, 20, 21, 22 sept. – 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 17 oct. 2023

    Metropolitan area, Region

    Le Grand Bal spreads a mysterious choreographic fever that makes 10 urban dancers pulsate. A way of setting in motion again bodies brought to a standstill by the pandemic and contemporary crises.

  • Usines Fagor

    Ballroom originated in the trans and racialised communities, and celebrates all identities. Vinii Revlon, a voguing legend, immerses us in this flamboyant culture, and honours the bodies that fight relentlessly for their rights.

  • Programme - 20th Biennale de la danse
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